Wholesale with MyKids-USA™

MyKids-USA™ MyKids-USA  We serve commercial clients worldwide, we ship worldwide*, of all sizes and have extensive experience in the field. Our goal is to assist our clients in improving the look of their children's clothing.

What we offer:

  • MyKids-USA™ doesn't only sell products, we works alongside our clients to guarantee a smooth experience from start to finish. You can expect exceptional customer service, premium quality, and customizable options that will surpass your expectations. Whether you're searching for a modern appearance for your stylish children's merchandise or something one-of-a-kind, we have the ideal outfit for your store.
  • Our products are environmentally sustainable, produced in limited quantities, unavailable on Amazon, and contribute to social welfare.

Packaging & Marketing:

Marketing materials are included in the first order.

CPC are included with each wholesale order. 

Each item of clothing is enclosed in a plastic bag that displays the brand Logo, a QR Code, a CPSC Tracking Label, a Brand Label, US Size Labels, a Care Label and a Hand Tag.

Shipping Time:

  • When placing an order from the USA Inventory, it typically takes 1-2 days for processing and an additional 1-7 days for delivery, totaling around 2-9 days. In contrast, orders from China have a longer processing time of about four days, and the item may take 8-17 days to arrive, totaling around 12-21 days.

Commercial Client Contact:

 Terms of Wholesale

Note: To receive Wholesale Pricing, you must prove that you are a licensed Business. If you still need to do so, please email us a copy of your Business License and a W9 form, Click Here, and send it to Sales@MyKids-USA.com.  

A) Click Here for the Wholesale Application Form


  • We will send you an email with the account activated to buy on this website with Wholesale Prices.
  • You would need to Sign In to get the Wholesale Price.
  • Will see Wholesale Price after logging in.
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