Size Guide MyKids-USA

Size Guide (Clothing) MyKids-USA

  • On each product page, you will find a Size/Age guide to help you choose the appropriate size for your baby. It's important to note that size is more accurate than age since every baby's height varies. For instance, size 66 clothing is perfect for babies under 66cm in height, while size 73 clothing is ideal for babies under 73cm in height, and so forth.
  • Our clothing is tailored to the standard baby body, but if your baby is chubby, it may be wise to purchase one size up.


Size Guide (Shoes) MyKids-USA

  • When buying shoes for babies, it's essential to remember that each country has its own sizing rules. However, since every baby's foot length varies, it's best to purchase shoes based on the insole length and the baby's foot length. For instance, if the insole length of a shoe is 11.50 cm, it's suitable for a baby with a foot length of 11.00 cm. Similarly, shoes with an insole length of 12.00 cm are ideal for babies with a foot length of 11.50 cm.
  • Additionally, if you have a chubby baby, buying one size up is a good idea, just like with clothing.