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What exactly is it?

Wheat straw is the stalk left over after wheat grains are harvested. Traditionally, it has been treated as a waste. In some countries, farmers burn it, contributing to air pollution and creating a public health hazard. However, these stalks still have value. We reclaim this material and use it to make our wheat straw products.

Why do we use it?

We know that forests are threatened and endangered worldwide, so we must find alternative materials that do not require virgin forest resources. With wheat straw, you can still use high-performing disposable “paper” products but know that you are choosing a product made from a rapidly renewable and reclaimed wheat straw instead of trees. Best of all, you can send your clamshell to a commercial composting facility instead of the landfill at the end of its life.

What’s cool about it?

Using wheat straw in our products, we divert material from the waste stream and use a reclaimed resource to make it durable, lightweight, and compostable.

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